Low Rectal Cancer

The Enema

An enema is simply the injection of water into the colon through the anus. When the water exits the body, stool is flushed from the colon in a liquid slurry. The psychological  and emotional baggage that most of us have to the concept of an enema makes it hard to have a detached and analytical discussion of this extremely private issue.  Americans are much more accepting of taking prescription drugs that affect bowel movements in an unpredictable manner than using a "primitive" practice that can be traced back to 1500 BC. The immediate response to the word "enema" in America is most often revulsion, medieval, unsafe, habit forming, harmful etc. 

The enema bag was part of every bathroom in the United States from its founding until the mid 1960’s. It was the standard method of dealing with constipation and was considered part of living a healthy life. An enema was prescribed by doctors for many maladies. The enema fell out of favour in the 70’s when the pharmaceutical companies began to market laxatives including the common "Fleets Enema". Although many bathrooms still have enema bags, enemas have lost their popularity because the younger generation has not been exposed to the enema when they grew up. In addition, it is easier and more comfortable for a doctor to prescribe a laxative than try to teach a patient how to do an enema. There is a social stigma connected with discussing bowel functions. The lack of free discussions has made it difficult for many people to have knowledge of or use enemas for constipation or health. The fact that some people associate enemas with erotica further affect social attitudes about enemas.

For the visitors to this site, the daily enema may be the option that could be the solution to bowel function problems that result from the treatment of low rectal cancer.  After you experience excessive stool frequency, soiling , fecal incontinence, urgency,  clustering , fragmentation, and incomplete evacuation, you may be searching for an alternative that will allow you to get back to a normal life.  With proper technique and equipment, most of the colon can be emptied in about 20 minutes.  This is less time than most people with normal bowels spend on the toilet every day.  The challenge is to understand.

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