Low Rectal Cancer

The Consequences of Low Rectal Cancer Treatment

The treatment for low rectal cancer MAY affect your bowel function for the rest of your life.  The critical factor affecting the severity of these changes is the length of rectum you have left. If the anastomosis is above 6 cm, the chances are 76% you will have good functional results, between 3 and 6 cm the chances are 53% and below 3 cm the odds decrease to 35%. Other factors that will affect your bowel function include the type of surgery, surgical complications, chemotherapy and radiation burns.

The change in bowel function from the treatment of low rectal cancer can be none or all of the following conditions:

You cannot predict how many of these consequences you will experience as the result of your low rectal cancer treatment. We are all different.  Some survivors may have very few consequences while others may have some or all of the consequences.  The kind and degree of the consequences may be affected by the type, quantity and timing of your meals. The severity may decrease over time only to return even after you have had an extended "good period". Just realize that you will most likely experience some or all of these "consequences" once you have been treated for low rectal cancer. The more of your rectum that is removed, the greater are the risk that you will suffer the consequences.  If you have undergone radiation, chemotherapy or both, the chances are that your bowel functions will be permanently affected.

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