Low Rectal Cancer

The Plan for Enema Rectal Cancer Bowel Management

The daily enema program is very unique and it may not work for you. There are several issues that need to be resolved before you can feel comfortable with the program as described in this web site:


1. Commitment. You have to have experienced the consequences of low rectal surgery for awhile to determine if you can adjust to your new bowel functions. After about 6 months you may find that minor adjustments in scheduling, diet  and medication may be enough to compensate for your new body. In this case, the daily enema program is probably not right for you. It takes almost a "desperate" person to really try the program with a full commitment to making it work. Without this total commitment, the program is doomed to failure.


2. Consistency. The program is designed to be used daily. The ease of doing an enema as described is the result of having an almost empty colon. The water will not quickly flood your colon if it is full of stool accumulated over many days. Once you make the program part of your daily routine, the commitment is easy to accept. If you do the enema only when you are uncomfortable or having problems with frequency or incontinence the program will fail.


3. Supportive Spouse. This program will not work unless your spouse or significant other is supportive and as committed as you are. Your spouse is the only other person in your life who even needs to know that you are using a daily enema to deal with rectal cancer surgery. I had been doing the daily enema for over 12 years before my grown children were even aware that I did the daily enema. Without their full and unquestioning support, the program will fail.

4. Attitude. How you mentally view the program will have a terrific effect on the success of the program. If you resent the daily enema and have a negative self image because of them, you will fail. If you look at the program as an opportunity to live a full and healthy life after low rectal cancer surgery with minimum consequences, you will succeed. It is truly "all in your mind".


How to Start a bowel management program.


Initiation of the program is not a final commitment to continue for the rest of your life.  You can buy the drug store enema experiment and see how it affects your bowel functions and determine if you want to move into the program on a long term.  Here is a possible approach that may work for you: